Friday, June 12, 2009

Peanut: "hate. water."

With all the three dogs that I've witnessed grow, I always find myself amazed at how much I almost fail to notice them do so. It's like from being as small as the size of my palm, they suddenly expand into what they are now--overnight! I guess I'm just thankful that often times, I am able to record their puppy days. But really, it seems like I never get to notice or catch their "in between" days when they aren't as small as when we got them but aren't as big as now.

So now I'm actually reminiscing the time when Peanut still had a "puppy" coat. I think that especially for dogs like Yorkies, their coats have a distinct look while they are or were still puppies. Its distinct look never goes back even when we try cutting it short. :) I wonder if I'm the only one who feels this way...

Anyway, so here is a video of Peanut when she was probably around 4 months old. It was one of her first real long bathes! She still wasn't used to being immersed with so much water. Hehe. You can notice it. There's also a few seconds of Mallows and Chloe playing, and you can see how Peanut used to be so scared of it. Now she really is a part of their pack. I love them so so so much! >:D<    

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