Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Mohawk-ed Peanut!

No hair products were used! :D

Monday, August 17, 2009

After what seemed to be forever...

These are photos of all the three dogs after their trip to the grooming parlor about a month ago. It was very hard to take photos at decent angles since all three of them were very hyperactive right after the trip! Mallows had her usual "puppy cut" and an almost bald style for Chloe. I don't know what type of cut Peanut had because I just asked them to copy a certain style that I saw in a magazine. :-) However, I did ask them not to touch Peanut's bangs so that I can still tie it and occasionally leave it as it is or even try to style it into a mohawk!--without the help of any hair products if I may add. :)) Of course, it doesn't stay that way. But it's very amusing, nevertheless!

Friday, June 19, 2009

An Empty Home

Today is the very first time that all three dogs are out and I'm home. :( I'm not used to it at all! Well, it'll actually be only for a few hours; 3 hours, maybe. I dropped off the dogs today at their local groomer, which is at Georgette's closet along Katipunan Avenue. After which, I shortly did some errands around town. I then come home, opened the door and almost instinctively anticipated all three dogs waiting for me by the door. Oh wait, right, they're being groomed now. I walk past the table where Mallows usually chills in under. I once again almost instinctively bend down to check on her. Oh wait, right again, they're being groomed now. The house truly feels empty without them. :( I can't wait to see them--sporting their new do's, too! :D   

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Shout Out to Karol!

Karol with Bruce


We just want to say Thank You! for all the support and company despite the constant attempts to bully Peanut and Chloe (we understand that you're too sissy to attempt it on Mallows, JK!) We just miss you!!! 

Jen, Mallows, Peanut and Chloe

A Sort of Swimming Chloe

As I have mentioned in most of my previous posts, Mallows was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. And one of the vet's suggestions was to make Mallows swim! We don't have a pool and I'm afraid that Mallows is just too big for a baby pool (the portable ones made of plastic) so what he suggested then was that we submerge 3/4 of her body in a deep water container (filled with water, of course :D) while holding onto the remaining upper quarter of her body. The logic behind this suggestion was that Mallows would supposedly be encouraged to move her hind legs. Well, maybe we carry her too much or something... because the logic didn't apply for Mallows' case! 

But I didn't stop there. Curious enough, I took Chloe and dropped her off in the same container. SUCCESS! A swimming dog! :) I wish though she were able to swim farther. Also, I tried the same thing with Peanut but I think she was too young then as she just froze! I had to immediately take her out of the water before she drowned! Oh Peanut! Hehe. She is such a baby! >:D<  

Friday, June 12, 2009

Peanut: "hate. water."

With all the three dogs that I've witnessed grow, I always find myself amazed at how much I almost fail to notice them do so. It's like from being as small as the size of my palm, they suddenly expand into what they are now--overnight! I guess I'm just thankful that often times, I am able to record their puppy days. But really, it seems like I never get to notice or catch their "in between" days when they aren't as small as when we got them but aren't as big as now.

So now I'm actually reminiscing the time when Peanut still had a "puppy" coat. I think that especially for dogs like Yorkies, their coats have a distinct look while they are or were still puppies. Its distinct look never goes back even when we try cutting it short. :) I wonder if I'm the only one who feels this way...

Anyway, so here is a video of Peanut when she was probably around 4 months old. It was one of her first real long bathes! She still wasn't used to being immersed with so much water. Hehe. You can notice it. There's also a few seconds of Mallows and Chloe playing, and you can see how Peanut used to be so scared of it. Now she really is a part of their pack. I love them so so so much! >:D<    

Monday, May 25, 2009

More Peanut

Things I love about Peanut...

1. She's the only dog that I know that sleeps like a baby. A very heavy sleeper, indeed!

2. She likes going up to our beds... but in the process, she struggles, cries and gets really frustrated. She ain't a great jumper. And I find that so cute! ;)

3. She stares at you (just like pictured above.) :) 'nuf said!

4. She sometimes attempts to go incognito in a tiptoe-ish manner. And it works! Thus, either enabling her to pass our radars or simply getting locked in rooms because we don't notice her entering it! 

5. I love it how she doesn't always run for the grassy areas. :) I find it quite mild mannered of her. 

6. Peanut doesn't seem to ever be too shy to get right in your face--literally! She can get really up close and would often sniff our faces; her nose touching our faces literally. Adorable. :)