Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Sort of Swimming Chloe

As I have mentioned in most of my previous posts, Mallows was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. And one of the vet's suggestions was to make Mallows swim! We don't have a pool and I'm afraid that Mallows is just too big for a baby pool (the portable ones made of plastic) so what he suggested then was that we submerge 3/4 of her body in a deep water container (filled with water, of course :D) while holding onto the remaining upper quarter of her body. The logic behind this suggestion was that Mallows would supposedly be encouraged to move her hind legs. Well, maybe we carry her too much or something... because the logic didn't apply for Mallows' case! 

But I didn't stop there. Curious enough, I took Chloe and dropped her off in the same container. SUCCESS! A swimming dog! :) I wish though she were able to swim farther. Also, I tried the same thing with Peanut but I think she was too young then as she just froze! I had to immediately take her out of the water before she drowned! Oh Peanut! Hehe. She is such a baby! >:D<  


  1. Whahaha aww I wanna try this with my dogs too!! :)) Tortured Chloe!!

  2. Try it! Hehe. You should've brought them with you at the beach! And no, she wasn't tortured; it's exercise for her! Haha.