Monday, May 25, 2009

More Peanut

Things I love about Peanut...

1. She's the only dog that I know that sleeps like a baby. A very heavy sleeper, indeed!

2. She likes going up to our beds... but in the process, she struggles, cries and gets really frustrated. She ain't a great jumper. And I find that so cute! ;)

3. She stares at you (just like pictured above.) :) 'nuf said!

4. She sometimes attempts to go incognito in a tiptoe-ish manner. And it works! Thus, either enabling her to pass our radars or simply getting locked in rooms because we don't notice her entering it! 

5. I love it how she doesn't always run for the grassy areas. :) I find it quite mild mannered of her. 

6. Peanut doesn't seem to ever be too shy to get right in your face--literally! She can get really up close and would often sniff our faces; her nose touching our faces literally. Adorable. :)


  1. And best of all, Peanut loves you back! (as opposed to Mallows. hehe.)