Friday, June 19, 2009

An Empty Home

Today is the very first time that all three dogs are out and I'm home. :( I'm not used to it at all! Well, it'll actually be only for a few hours; 3 hours, maybe. I dropped off the dogs today at their local groomer, which is at Georgette's closet along Katipunan Avenue. After which, I shortly did some errands around town. I then come home, opened the door and almost instinctively anticipated all three dogs waiting for me by the door. Oh wait, right, they're being groomed now. I walk past the table where Mallows usually chills in under. I once again almost instinctively bend down to check on her. Oh wait, right again, they're being groomed now. The house truly feels empty without them. :( I can't wait to see them--sporting their new do's, too! :D   

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