Tuesday, April 21, 2009

K9 Units in the Philippines

K9 units in the Philippines have sort of already been a staple at public places. Malls that have received several bomb threats have hired at least one K9 unit to constantly do rounds at their area. And frankly, it does give me a sense of security whenever I would see these hard working dogs around me. They also somehow entertain me especially when I see cute and adorable puppies at work. Oh, it's really just the joy that I get from seeing dogs! No matter how big or small they are. :) 
But what I usually regard as a happy experience quickly changed into a more disturbing one as I saw a german shepherd limping his way around the mall. :( My chow chow suffers from hip dysplasia so I have an idea of the pain that dog must have been experiencing. :( I also noticed the lack of grooming. I would have shaved his tummy a bit just to relieve the dog from the normally warm climate of the Philippines (around 30 degrees celsius). His legs also looked so dirty. I do not know much about how these K9 units operate but I do feel that dogs that are in obvious pain such as the one that I saw earlier this morning should not be allowed to work the way that they do. I believe that it would be better for them to retire as pets. But then again, the Philippines have very few animal shelters. I also fret that if such dogs would no longer be allowed to work, what would then happen to them? :(     

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