Sunday, March 15, 2009

Doggie Date at Serendra

(L-R: Gia, Snowball, Mac, Anna, Burger, Bruce, Karol, Me, Mallows)
*photos c/o Karol See:

My friends and I recently went to Serendra/ Bonifacio High Street for a doggie date. Serendra and Bonifacio High Street are often referred to interchangeably since it's only a cross walk away from each other. Both places offer an ideal setting for dog lovers because of the pet-friendly shops such as Hobbes and Landes, al fresco restaurants and the wide patches of grass uncommon to most commercial establishments located at Manila. 

In attendance was Gia and her well-poised Maltese named Snowball, Mac, Anna and her friendly Lhasa Apso named Burger, Karol and her cranky Shi Tzu named Bruce, and of course, me and Mallows! Mallows seemed to enjoy more of the trip than the date. She obediently walked beside me the whole time and occasionally sniffed her way from one lamp post to another. However, when it comes to her interaction with my friends' pets, well... let's just say that she preferred to go solo. Theoretically speaking, Mallows should have gotten along well with Burger and Bruce since Mallows is female while Burger and Bruce are both male. But as it turned out, Mallows found Burger to be too aggressive and Bruce was too much of a bully to let Mallows get to know him better. And let's not forget the well-poised Snowball who also preferred to go solo by asking my friend Gia to carry her whenever we'd walk around the area. Snowball was also the only one who was well-dressed at the date. She had a beautiful pink tutu that was embellished with small rhinestones. It was so pretty and it perfectly matched her pink carrier, too. 

And since our doggie date is a dinner date, we headed to Polu Kai at Serendra for an al fresco dinner. Polu Kai is a Hawaiian restaurant that boasts several appetizing seafood platters. Their staff is also very accommodating to our as well as our pets needs. When we asked for lukewarm water for our pets, they did not hesitate to bring us two full glasses of it. They also did not mind that our pets sat beside us! :) During dinner and since most of the dishes offered by Polu Kai are seafood, I decided to pack Mallows a can of Cesar to enjoy while we ourselves enjoyed our own set of dinner. Cesar is actually one of the few foolproof brands that my chow connoisseur enjoys. The variant available in the Philippines is actually from Singapore. So if you check the international website of Cesar:, the variants that are commonly available in the Philippines are: Beef, Gourmet Beef, Beef and Liver, Chicken, and Lamb. The price ranges from Php 60-65, depending on where you buy it. Unimart, a supermarket located at Greenhills offers the product at the best value of Php 60.75. But other supermarket chains such as Rustans and Puregold also carry it. And of course, it is also available at pet stores such as Animal House and Doggie Land.

So I think this is it for now! :D The doggie date actually exhausted ALL of us! Nevertheless, it was a very enjoyable experience! And although my friend, Anna doesn't seem too ecstatic about having another doggie date because of the 6 poop scooping experiences that she has had, I think that Karol and I might still have a chance to do this again! :)

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